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  • We became acquainted while studying Computer Science at KTH, and since then, we have pursued careers in different sectors of the finance industry. Years later, we reunited here at Lynx! The company is clearly driven by technology and innovation, with internally developed systems which makes their performance, stability, and accuracy our highest priority. We collaborate closely with other divisions within the firm, gaining valuable insights and a comprehensive understanding of the investment process. Lynx values its employees and prioritizes diversity, fostering a fantastic work environment where the three of us truly thrive.

    Hanna Nyblom, Jennie Olsson, Sophie Davidsson

    Execution Developer, Senior Execution Developer, Product Owner

  • My primary responsibility is to model financial markets, aiming to predict future price movements and generate positions accordingly. This task is highly complex, involving a great amount of randomness and constantly changing perceived facts. However, this complexity also makes it intriguing, as it allows for creativity and continuous learning. I have a particular interest in machine learning, and the models I work on rely heavily on data rather than economic reasoning. At Lynx, I've found an innovative and collegial atmosphere that defies the typical perception of the financial industry. People here are genuinely helpful, open-minded, and eager to share their knowledge.

    Max Nyström Winsa

    Portfolio Manager

  • I joined the System Development team eight years ago. The atmosphere in the department is very friendly and supportive. We choose the technology needed to solve problems without limitations, and the programming is both challenging and stimulating. Trading around the clock on exchanges worldwide we rely on our systems to function without disruption. If you have an idea for improvement, you are encouraged to pursue it. If your goal is to be an expert in your field, that’s welcomed and acknowledged. Another aspect I appreciate about Lynx are the smaller conveniences that make our lives easier, such as breakfast, lunch, and an on-site gym.

    John Hård

    System Developer

  • Being a trader in the quantitative space requires a solid understanding of markets and assets as well as the ability to comprehend how our models and algorithms operate within them – be the spider in the web. One of the main challenges of my job, which also adds excitement, is the significant impact of market dynamics on my daily tasks. Factors such as CPI announcements, political events, and the actions of major market players all play a role. It’s stimulating to work in a position where each day can differ significantly from the next.

    Elvira Eriksson


  • After years of building execution algorithms myself, I have now transitioned to leading the development of the company's execution infrastructure. As a systematic asset manager, we have a clear vision to fully automate the investment process and internally develop all critical systems. Within our group there is a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We work as a team and take collective responsibility for our work. This also entails providing coverage for each other during holidays and vacations. Striving for a healthy work-life balance is a core principle here. We have the flexibility to organize our workdays to accommodate preschool pickups and other activities. These values extend beyond our team and are embraced throughout the entire company.

    Mats Bolter

    Research Partner, Head of Execution

  • I joined Lynx in 2015 directly after finishing my PhD in theoretical physics at KTH in Stockholm without any prior experience in finance. As a researcher at Lynx, you are given a lot of freedom, allowing you to leverage and sharpen your prior education and scientific mindset in other domains. The process of developing trading models is a rewarding, yet humbling experience. Failure and setbacks are ever-present companions, but by using rigor and a scientific toolbox, you can tilt the odds in your favor. Lynx is as much a tech company as it is a financial firm, and research is a team effort that utilizes diverse backgrounds and competences. As a researcher, you employ cutting-edge technology and have access to massive computing power right from your office chair.

    Hannes Meier

    Principal Quantitative Researcher

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